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In Tesab we care about the environment, so we have decided to incorporate in our range of products, facilities for the treatment and recovery of construction and demolition waste (CDW), being exclusive distributors of JLM in Spain.

JLM TR100E Triage Cabinet

Triage cabin JLM TR100E is a completely autonomous equipment with built-in generator set, offering positions for up to...

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REC100 triage booth

The REC100 is a completely modular system, easy to transport and install. It consists of two semi-mobile units...

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Sist. AIR VAC triage compacts

AirVac are compact systems that efficiently separate the light fraction (paper, plastics, etc.) in CDW and biomass recycling...

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Screenpod Windshifter Triage

The Screenpod Windshifter helps produce cleaner materials, increasing the value of each product. Including precision adjustments to tailor...

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